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The Cycle series employs stamped icons, circles and other mathematical symbols to create movement across and into a gridded, layered surface. The circle shapes are not only elements of design but also references to the female. In the paintings Fracture and Cycles of Resilience the layers of paint serve to alternately hide and reveal the symbolic shapes, reflecting the ongoing struggle women face in a patriarchal society, at times victorious and other times defeated.

Curator E.E. Jacks had this to say about my painting Cycles chosen for the Cover of Apero Fine Arts Catalog's April 2019 Movement addition:

An impression of locomotion and relativity has been created in this painting (Cycles), by the placement of circles and lines against the layered background. This incredibly seamless and coherent expression of equilibrium, invites the observer to look 'through' the paint and conveys a great sense of depth and order. Artist Fran Sampson has aptly crafted an extraordinarily dimensional and cohesive work, and should be applauded for her articulate expression of motility in art.

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